ProjectWise Administrator Help

Synchronizing Multiple Domains

You can also use User Synchronization Service to synchronize the user accounts of multiple datasources that reside on different computers.

When synchronizing multiple domains in a trusting/trusted relationship, one of the following configurations must be true, where Domain(A) is the Trusting Domain, and Domain(B) is the Trusted Domain:

  • ProjectWise administrative user must log in to Domain(B) on a computer (computer account) in Domain(A). The account from Domain(B) must be added to the local Administrator group. ProjectWise User Synchronization Service must be configured for the DomainB account.

  • Log in to a computer on DomainA as the local Administrator. Add Domain(A) and Domain(B) account to the local Administrator group, each account must have the same user name and password. Set ProjectWise User Synchronization Service to log on as the Domain(B) account. As long as a domain account from each domain has rights to the local computer, ProjectWise User Synchronization Service will synchronize accounts from both domains, even when the computer is logged on as a local administrator.