ProjectWise Administrator Help

Additional Configuration to Use a Gateway Service for File Caching

Any ProjectWise Design Integration Server, ProjectWise Caching Server, or ProjectWise Gateway Service can be set up to cache local copies of remote files. However to use ProjectWise Gateway Service, in addition to normal configuration of file caching and gateway and routing information, you must also:

  1. Enable the server to run in Caching Server mode. To do this, open the ProjectWise Gateway Service's DMSKRNL.CFG file in a text editor and find the line ;FileTransferSrv=1. Remove the semicolon (;) to uncomment the line, so that it now reads FileTransferSrv=1.
  2. Purchase a ProjectWise Caching Server license for the ProjectWise Gateway Service, since the ProjectWise Gateway Service will be running in Caching Server mode.