ProjectWise Administrator Help

Attribute Exchange Overview

ProjectWise attribute exchange lets you link ProjectWise properties/attributes to fields or tags in your MicroStation, AutoCAD, or Microsoft Word and Excel documents stored in ProjectWise.

When attribute exchange is configured for one of these applications, users can insert values directly from the ProjectWise database into their documents. As the value of the property changes in ProjectWise, likewise the value is updated in the document. Conversely, users can update a property's value in ProjectWise by modifying the value of the property from the document itself. Attribute exchange data can be drawn from general document or folder properties, from work area type properties, and/or from environment attributes.

A typical use of attribute exchange is for MicroStation title blocks. In this case, tags are created in MicroStation and attached to title block elements in the active DGN document. Then, corresponding title blocks (attribute classes) are created in ProjectWise Administrator that specify which ProjectWise attributes or properties to pull data from, and which corresponding MicroStation tags will display that information. The actual updating of the information within the DGN document can be configured to happen automatically whenever the document is opened, checked out, copied out, or exported.