ProjectWise Administrator Help

Manually Adding Ports to the Windows Firewall Exception List

DMSKRNL.EXE is now automatically added to the local computer’s Firewall exception list during installation of ProjectWise Design Integration Server, therefore you no longer need to manually add the individual ProjectWise broadcasting and listening ports (5799 and 5800, by default) to the exception list.

If you do need to manually add these ports for some reason, follow these steps on each of the ProjectWise Design Integration Server, ProjectWise Caching Server, ProjectWise Gateway Service, and ProjectWise Indexing Service computers:

  1. Select Control Panel > Windows Firewall.

    The Windows Firewall dialog opens. The General tab displays whether the firewall is on or off.

  2. Assuming it is ON (recommended), select the Exceptions tab and click Add Port.
  3. To add port 5799, set name to ProjectWise UDP, set port to 5799, and set protocol to UDP.
  4. To add port 5800, set name to ProjectWise TCP, set port to 5800, and set protocol to TCP.