ProjectWise Administrator Help

How Remote Files Get into a Local Server's Cache

For the purposes of this example, assume that the actual storage of the document file is in a location that is remote to the client workstation, and that a gateway server has been installed, and that the client has been configured to access the remote storage server via the gateway server (a typical ProjectWise routed configuration). Also assume that the gateway server has been configured to cache file data on behalf of the remote storage server. (The term gateway in this context refers to any ProjectWise server that is configured to provide routing and gateway services.)

ProjectWise supports two methods of file transfer:

  • normal file transfer, in which the entire contents of a file is sent to the destination computer every time.

  • Delta File Transfer (DFT), in which ProjectWise attempts to compute the difference between the local copy of the file and the remote copy of the file, and then only the differences between the files are transferred.