ProjectWise Administrator Help

Creating User Lists

The User Lists datasource node contains all the user lists that exist in the datasource.

There are two types of user lists you can create:

  • Access lists are used when you want to group together users, groups and other access lists who need the same access rights to folders, documents, and so on.
  • Mailing lists (also referred to as Global Address Books) are used when you want to group together users with email addresses, groups, and other mailing lists, so users with email addresses can send and receive messages using Messaging Services in ProjectWise Explorer.

Setting up a user list is a two-step process: first create the user list, and then add users, groups and/or other user lists to it. User list names, their description, and their list of members can be modified. A user list can be deleted, unless it is referenced by any document, folder, or work area.