ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Specify How Many Audit Trail Records of a Specific Type To Keep Before the Oldest Records Are Deleted or Moved to a Secondary Audit Trail Table

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, right-click your datasource and select Properties.
  2. In the Datasource Properties dialog, select the Audit Trail tab.
  3. Click the Settings button.

    The Audit Trail Settings dialog opens.

  4. In the Audit trail record types list, select a record type.
  5. In the Retention Settings section, select Keep specified number of records.

  6. In the field that becomes enabled, enter the maximum number of records of this type you want to keep at a time.

    When Keep specified number of records is on, audit trail truncation runs every hour on the ProjectWise Design Integration Server when the server has idle time.

    When the number of audit trail records in the dms_audt table exceeds the maximum number specified to keep, then the next time audit trail truncation occurs, the oldest records will be deleted or moved to the secondary table (depending on whether the setting Move truncated records into secondary table is off or on) until the number of records in the dms_audt table is reduced to the maximum again.

    If you select to keep 0 records in audit trail, then all records will be deleted or moved to the secondary table when the server runs the truncating process. 999999999 is the highest number you can enter here.

  7. Click OK.