ProjectWise Administrator Help

Running the Server in Secure Mode

SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption provides data encryption and authentication of servers or clients. You can enable a particular server to run in secure mode by installing an SSL certificate on that computer, then turning on the Use secure connection setting in ProjectWise Administrator. Once secure mode is established, connections to that server are secure (encrypted).

It is possible to have a some clients work in secure mode and others to not, by installing and configuring a ProjectWise Gateway Service to operate in secure mode. The clients connecting to ProjectWise through the Gateway Service would be using a secure connection, while the local clients and servers in your ProjectWise network would be using a regular connection.

Note: Once secure mode is enabled for a particular server, all client communications to that server are encrypted; there is no opt-out for particular clients.

Note: Secure mode can also be enabled or disabled by editing the SecureConnection setting in the dmskrnl.cfg file located on the computer of the ProjectWise server you are modifying. Set SecureConnection=1 to enable secure mode, set SecureConnection=0 or delete the line entirely to disable secure mode.