ProjectWise Administrator Help

Recent Synchronization Results Folder

The Recent Synchronization Results folder is used to display the current status of synchronized user and group accounts. After a synchronization occurs, the affected user or group accounts are moved to the respective folder to indicate the current status of that user or group, as processed by ProjectWise User Synchronization Service. Each account can only be displayed in one folder at the same time, and the status of each account is reset after each synchronization.

Tip: Right-clicking the Recent Synchronization Results folder and selecting Reset sets the status of all synchronized accounts to unmarked, to make sure the accounts are really processed by ProjectWise User Synchronization Service.

Tip: Each folder contains a Users folder and a Groups folder. When an account is listed in one of these folders, you can select the account and perform operations on it just as you would on accounts under the main Users and Groups datasource nodes.

Existing accounts suitable for removal

If an account is displayed in this folder, it means it was not found in Active Directory, but it is still available in ProjectWise. This provides an easy way for administrators to delete such accounts manually. Note that this folder is always empty if the option, Remove accounts that are not synchronized anymore, is selected in synchronization properties.

Existing accounts updated from Active Directory

This folder lists the ProjectWise accounts modified by the last synchronization process.

New accounts imported from Active Directory

This folder lists the new ProjectWise accounts created by the last synchronization process.

Existing accounts verified with Active Directory

This folder lists the existing all synchronized accounts which are available in both Active Directory and ProjectWise. Newly created accounts do not appear here, see above.

Accounts with possible verification issues

This folder is likely to be always empty. The account is put here only if there was some problems with Active Directory and the existence of user or group could not be determined.

Accounts not yet synchronized

The items in this folder have no status. For example, their type may have been manually set to Windows, synchronized. Also all synchronized accounts appears here after Reset menu command.