ProjectWise Administrator Help

Server Configuration Settings (DMSKRNL.CFG)

Delivered with each ProjectWise Design Integration Server, ProjectWise Caching Server, and ProjectWise Gateway Service is a file called DMSKRNL.CFG, located in the ...\ProjectWise\bin folder, which contains configuration settings for the installed server. The DMSKRNL.CFG file on the ProjectWise Design Integration Server computer will also contain datasource-specific settings. All of the settings in this file can be edited manually using a text editor, but in some cases there are dialogs in ProjectWise Administrator that let you configure various sections of this file. For example, creating a datasource in ProjectWise Administrator will automatically set some of the values in this file.

The DMSKRNL.CFG file is organized by several main sections, which are documented below. Links to relevant procedural information are provided if available.

Note: You can use an ORDER attribute to control the evaluation order of ALLOW / DENY access control lists (ACLs) in the DMSKRNL.CFG file. Using the ORDER attribute, you can allow access to a large group of clients, and then deny access to a smaller set of clients. If you omit the ORDER attribute, ProjectWise will treat ALLOW entries as exceptions to DENY rules.