ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Copy or Move an Interface from One Datasource to Another

  1. Log in to both datasources.
  2. In the source datasource, select one or more interfaces under the Interfaces node and select Copy or Cut (move), depending on which operation you want to perform.
  3. In the target datasource, right-click the Interfaces node and select Paste.

    You can also copy interfaces just by dragging them from one datasource to another. To move interfaces, you also have to press the <Shift> key (and keep it pressed) as you drop the interfaces into the Interfaces node. The <Shift> key changes the copy into a move.

    If you selected to copy the interface, the interface is copied to the target datasource.

    If you selected to move the interface, you are prompted to confirm that you really want to move the interface to the target datasource - click OK when prompted.

    Note: You can only move an interface if the interface is not referenced by an environment in the source datasource.