ProjectWise Administrator Help

Adding a Property to a Work Area Type

You can add properties to a work area type either during or after creation of the work area type. Once a work area property exists in the datasource, it can be added to any work area type in the datasource.

  1. Start by doing one of the following:

    Follow steps 1 to 4 of the procedure, To Create a Work Area Type.


    Right-click an existing work area type and select Add Properties.

  2. Then when you get to the Add Property dialog, do one of the following:

    Select one or more existing properties and click OK.


    If you need to create a new property, click New and see Creating a New Work Area Property for details. When you finish defining your property and click OK on the New Property dialog, the new property is added to the Add Property dialog. Repeat this step to create additional properties as needed. When you are finished creating properties, select the new properties in the Add Property dialog and click OK.

    The selected properties are added to the work area type.

Note: When you open the Add Properties dialog from the New Work Area Type Wizard, the list displays all of the existing work area properties in the datasource, across all work area types. When you open the Add Properties dialog by right-clicking an existing work area type and selecting Add Properties, the list only displays the existing work area properties that are not already added to the selected work area type.