ProjectWise Administrator Help

Using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

ProjectWise Administrator runs inside the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The MMC does not perform administrative functions itself, but hosts administrative tools that do, called consoles. A console can contain tools, folders, other containers, World Wide Web pages, snap-ins, extensions to snap-ins, monitor controls, tasks, wizards and so on. These items display in the left pane of the console, called the console tree, while the right pane displays object details. You can add items to an existing MMC console, or you can create new consoles and configure them to administer a specific system component. The primary type of tool you can add to a console is called a snap-in. A standalone snap-in can be added by itself. By default, ProjectWise V8i is the only standalone snap-in available when you first open ProjectWise Administrator. An extension snap-in can only be added to extend the function of a previously added snap-in.