ProjectWise Administrator Help

Turn On ProjectWise Project Insights in Your Project

Note: This task can only done by the administrator. Regular users will not see the 'Turn on' button described below.
  1. Go to the CONNECT Center ( and enter your ProjectWise project.
  2. Scroll down to ProjectWise 365 Services and click the Project Insights tile.
  3. On the Activation page, click Turn on.

ProjectWise Deliverables Management data:

No configuration is required to make your ProjectWise Deliverables Management data available in ProjectWise Project Insights. As soon as you turn on ProjectWise Project Insights in the same project where ProjectWise Deliverables Management is already turned on and in use, ProjectWise Project Insights will begin to process the existing ProjectWise Deliverables Management data. Once the data has been processed, it is automatically displayed on the Outgoing Deliverables and Incoming Deliverables tabs.

ProjectWise Design Integration data:

If you have just turned on ProjectWise Project Insights and you have already configured the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service, you will not see your ProjectWise Design Integration data right away, as it takes time for the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service to upload data from the selected ProjectWise datasource to the ProjectWise Project Insights service, and it takes time for the data to be processed once it has been uploaded. Also, the ProjectWise Analytics Data Upload Service will not actually begin uploading data from the selected ProjectWise datasource until ProjectWise Project Insights is turned on AND a work area from the same ProjectWise datasource has been associated to this ProjectWise project.
Tip: If you ever need to temporarily turn off ProjectWise Project Insights for whatever reason, you can do so through the settings page of the old ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards.