ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Add a Document Code Restriction Relating to Office GBR and Project EP1, in Which the Range 500 to 750 is not Available for Use

  1. Expand an environment, then right-click the Document code restrictions node and select New > Restriction.

    The New Restriction Properties dialog opens.

  2. In the Description field, type a unique description for the restriction.
  3. Set Restriction type to Forbidden.
  4. In the section 'Attributes that defines the document code context', enter values for the attributes. For this example, type GBR in the office_code attribute field and EP1 in the project_code attribute field.
  5. In the respective fields, enter a lower range of 500 and an upper range of 750.
  6. Click OK.

    The Document code restriction displays in the display pane.