ProjectWise Administrator Help

Restricting Access to ProjectWise Servers

On the Security tab of the Server Properties dialog, you can specify the computers that you want to deny access to the server, or you can specify the computers that this server will not publish its datasource list to (so that the server's datasources will not be seen in those clients' available datasource list). You accomplish this by adding the host name or IP address of computers you want to deny in the Deny / Do not publish to list. For example:


If there is a computer you want to have access, but that computer is within the denied IP range in the Deny / Do not publish to list, then you can add the host name or IP address of that computer in the Allow / Publish to list. For example:

Note: You only need to specify which clients to deny, or which computers to not publish to, if the server is to have restricted access. When no computer is specified in either the Allow or Deny lists, all computers that can connect to the server are allowed access / published to.
Note: If a computer's IP address or host name is not included in the Deny list, or if it is included in the Deny list but is also included in the Allow list, then that computer will be allowed.
Note: The information entered here is added to (and can also be edited from) the ProjectWise server's dmskrnl.cfg file in the section called "Section defines global authentication settings".