ProjectWise Administrator Help

Section Defines Broadcasting Settings (UDP connections)

Here you can change the port used for broadcasting datasource information.




Used to set the port number for broadcasting datasource lists. 5799 is the default broadcasting port.


Used to specify the name of the service to use, in the etc\services file, if a port is not specified in the Port setting above.


Used to set the IP address to listen on for UDP broadcast messages, typically in a multi-IP address configuration where ProjectWise should be listening on a particular address. By default, this setting is commented out, and all IP addresses are listened on for UDP broadcast messages.


Used to set the IPv6 address to listen on for UDP broadcast messages.


Network binding can fail if another process is using the requested port. By default, the system will attempt to retry network binding up to 5 times. To change the number of times the system can retry network binding, uncomment this setting and enter another value after the = character.


By default, the interval between network binding retries is 15 seconds. To change the interval between retries, uncomment this setting, and after the = character, enter how many seconds the system should wait between retries.