ProjectWise Administrator Help

Create Association / Modify Action Properties Dialog

Used to create a new or modify an existing action association. This dialog opens:

  • from the Application Properties dialog when you click Create, or when you select an action association and click Modify

  • when you double-click the General Programs item in the Applications list and in the dialog that opens, click Create or Modify


Sets the action type. When creating or modifying Application action associations, options are Open, View, Markup or Print. When creating or modifying General Programs action associations, options are View and Scan References. For each application, you can create as many 'Open' action associations as you want, but only one can be set as the default. For the actions View, Markup or Print, you can only have one of each for each application.

Program Description

In this field, enter or change the name of the program.

Program class name / executable path

Sets the program to associate to the action. Click the Browse (...) button to open the Select Associated Program dialog, which offers a few ways of specifying the program to use.

Command Line Arguments

Used to set the command line arguments that the action association's program will open with. You can type the arguments in the field, or you can click Add to add a system (ProjectWise) or Windows environment variable to the field.

Enable Legacy Integration

Sets whether or not legacy integration is set for the action associations's program. Legacy integration is used for those applications whose integration remains based on methods used in previous versions of ProjectWise.

Replace Default Arguments
Command line that will be used to start the application

Displays the command line arguments that the association action's program opens with.

Set Application Icon