ProjectWise Administrator Help

Starting the Server in the Services Window

The following ProjectWise servers will appear in your computer's Services window after installation:

  • ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service
  • ProjectWise Design Integration Server (listed as ProjectWise Integration Server)
  • ProjectWise Caching Server
  • ProjectWise Gateway Service
  • ProjectWise User Synchronization Service

Some of these services may or may not be automatically started after installation. Some may be set to be started automatically whenever the computer is started or restarted. You can change a service's startup type to manual so that the server only starts when you want it to. You can also disable the service, or you can temporarily stop the service.

To Stop, Start, or Restart a ProjectWise Service

  1. Open the Services window (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services).
  2. Right-click your ProjectWise server name and select Stop, Start, or Restart.