ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Run the Delta File Transfer Benchmark Tool

  1. In Windows Explorer or in a command prompt, navigate to the ...\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin directory.
  2. Run the DFTBMWIZ.EXE application. A wizard opens to guide you through the process of running the application.

    The application can be run in two modes, auto or manual.

    The auto test will generate three files (small, medium, and large) in your workstation's temporary directory, and will use those files to gauge the performance of the DFT technology. The application will import these documents into a test folder in your datasource, check them out, make a predefined set of changes to the file data, and check the modified files back in. The application will then report the efficiency of the DFT operation, based on the predefined, scripted changes.

    The manual test requires that you provide a set of files for the test. Two copies of each file must be provided: a baseline copy of the file, and a copy that contains a known set of changes.

    This is so that you can gauge the performance of the DFT technology based on set of changes that you have personal control over.

    The before and after copies of the file or files should be placed in separate directories.

    After the test completes, various reports can be viewed to show the file transfer performance increase.