ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Create an Output Destination Folder Component That Puts Renditions in the Source File Folder

  1. Expand Renditions > Rendition Profile Components.
  2. Right-click Output Destination Folders and select New > Destination.

    The Output Destination Folder dialog opens.

  3. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the component.
  4. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description for the component.
  5. Set Place rendition in to source file folder.
  6. Under If file name is not unique in destination folder, select either:

    Overwrite file (default)


    Create new version of file

  7. (Optional) If you want to map attributes from source documents in the input set to the newly created renditions, click Attribute Mapping.
  8. (Optional) If you want to distribute source documents from the input set to some destination folder, click Source Distribution.
  9. Click OK.