ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Remap the Hard-coded Local Paths in the Configuration Settings Blocks with the New ProjectWise Paths

  1. If it is not already open, open the Managed Configuration Import Wizard (WorkSpaces > Managed > Import Managed Configuration) and click Next.
  2. On the Choose Desired Action page, select Update ProjectWise Configuration Settings Blocks to Refer to ProjectWise Data.
  3. On the Choose a MicroStation Installation and Workspace Root page, verify that the MicroStation installation and workspace displayed are the ones you want to import data from, then click Next.
  4. On the Update Configuration Settings Blocks page, click Add to add the existing configuration settings blocks you want to update. After you have added them, click Next in the wizard.

  5. After processing, click Next.
  6. On the Remap Paths and Variables page, in the CSB Variables list select the variables you want to map, and in the ProjectWise list select the folder you want to map to, then click the Map button that is between the two lists. Repeat this step for each variable you want to update.

  7. When finished selecting variables to remap, click Next.
  8. The next page lists all the substitutions that will be made to variables in the configuration settings blocks you have selected. If you would like to change anything, click Back. When ready to remap, click Update.
  9. When mapping is done, click Close to close the wizard, or Continue to return to the first page of the wizard.