ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Configure the [Gateway] Section to Redirect Client Requests

  1. Open the dmskrnl.cfg file on the server (ProjectWise Design Integration Server or ProjectWise Gateway Service) to which clients are connected or listening.
  2. Uncomment the line ;[Gateway] by removing the semicolon (;) from the beginning of the line.
  3. Below that, add a line that specifies the server that would normally be the recipient of client requests, and the server to which those client requests will now be directed.

    For example:


    This example tells all clients connected or listening to this particular server that any requests they would normally send to the server called INTSERVER, to send them to the ProjectWise Gateway Service called PGS instead.

  4. If you only want specific clients to have their requests redirected, append a list of those clients to the line you added in the previous step.

    For example:


    The Allow list in this example says that regardless of the clients connected to or listening to this server, only clients userA, userB, and userC will have their requests to INTSERVER redirected to PGS.

    Note: The clients you specify in the Allow list can be specific computer names, IP addresses, or a range of IP addresses. IP addresses can include wildcards. If you want to allow all clients with the exception of specific clients, add a Deny list just after the Allow list. For example: [ALLOW(*.*.*.*),DENY(62.236.163.*,62.236.164.*)]
  5. Add additional lines to redirect requests bound for other servers through this server or to another server.

    For example, maybe your ProjectWise network consists of one ProjectWise Gateway Service and multiple ProjectWise Design Integration Servers, and you want all client requests to those ProjectWise Design Integration Servers to be sent to the ProjectWise Gateway Service instead. In that case, you would configure the [Gateway] section like this:


    For simplicity, none of the lines in the example above use an Allow list, but as needed you can append an Allow list (or an Allow/Deny list) for each line you add to this section.

  6. On the server now receiving redirected requests, you need to configure the Routing section in that server's dmskrnl.cfg file so that server can forward these requests on to the appropriate server.