ProjectWise Administrator Help

Creating Departments

You can create departments in your datasource to help users conceptually group documents. For example, when documents are assigned to departments, users can then search for all of the documents associated to a certain department.

You can delete a department only if it has not been associated with a document in ProjectWise Explorer.

To Create a Department

  1. Right-click the Departments node and select New > Department.

    The New Department Properties dialog opens.

  2. Type a unique name for the department.
  3. (Optional) Type a description of the department.
  4. Click OK.

    The new department is added to the list of departments.

    Tip: As an alternative to creating departments from scratch, you can copying existing departments from other datasources. To do this, log in to both datasources, select the existing department(s) in the source datasource, then drag and drop them into the target datasource.

To Modify a Department's Properties

  1. Right-click a department and select Properties. The Department Properties dialog opens.
  2. Change the department's name and/or description.
  3. Click OK.

To Delete a Department

  1. Select the Departments node.
  2. Right-click a department name and select Delete.
  3. When prompted to confirm deletion, click Yes.