ProjectWise Administrator Help

Registering a Secondary ProjectWise Design Integration Server (tail server) as a Full Text Index Server

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, log in to at least one datasource for a particular server.
  2. Under that server, select the Registered Full Text Index Servers node.

    The <local> server listed represents the main ProjectWise Design Integration Server's built-in indexing service.

  3. Right-click the Registered Full Text Index Servers node and select New > Index Server.

    The New Index Server Properties dialog opens.

  4. In the Server name field, enter a display name for the server.
  5. In the Server DNS name or IP address field, enter the actual computer name or IP address of computer on which the ProjectWise Design Integration Server is installed.
  6. Click OK.

    The server is added to the list of Registered Full Text Index Servers. You can later modify the server's properties by right-clicking it and selecting Properties, or you can remove the server from the list by right-clicking it in the list and selecting Delete.