ProjectWise Administrator Help

Supported File Types for Extractions

ProjectWise supports document extractions on many file types. In some cases, depending on the file type, additional software must be installed on the ProjectWise Design Integration Server computer where the extraction is being performed.

Full Text Indexing File Types

ProjectWise can index text from many file types.

For example, Windows Server 2008's native text indexing support of the following file types allows ProjectWise to index:

  • Text files (TXT, XML, and many more plain text types)
  • HTML files (HTML, HTM, ASP, ASPX, CSS, and many more html-based types)

ProjectWise can also index text from additional file types, depending on the iFilters packaged with the operating system and any additional iFilters that may be installed. These are some examples (but not a complete list):

To index text from Install
DGN and DWG documents Any supported version of MicroStation CONNECT Edition or V8i
PDF documents Adobe PDF iFilter (9.0 or 11.0, 64-bit)
MSG (Microsoft Outlook message) documents MSG iFilter (64-bit)
Important: After installing an iFilter, make sure you restart the services for both Windows Search and the ProjectWise Design Integration Server in the local Services window.
Note: Text from documents attached to MSG documents can also be indexed, depending on the file type of the attached document, and assuming that you have installed both an MSG iFilter and an iFilter for the attached document. Both iFilters must be 64-bit. Currently, ProjectWise cannot index text from a DGN document attached to an MSG document.
Note: ProjectWise does not currently support the extraction of text from Autodesk Revit documents.
Note: You cannot index text from any protected DGNs (including i-models), regardless of what their protection level is set to (Everyone, Password, or Certificate).

Thumbnail Image Extraction File Types

The file type extensions supported by thumbnail extractions depend on the operating system and what additional software is installed. In general, the following extensions are supported by thumbnail extractions:

  • MicroStation and AutoCAD extensions (DGN and DWG)
  • Autodesk Revit file types: RFA, RFT, RTE, RVT
  • images extensions (BMP, DIB, GIF, JFIF, JPEG, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF, TIFF)
  • Microsoft Office document extensions (DOC/DOCX, DOT, PPT/PPTX, XLS/XLSX, XLT)
Note: Thumbnails can be generated for V8 DGN format files, but not from V7 or earlier DGN format files.
Note: Due to a Windows Server performance enhancement, you cannot extract thumbnails images from HTM, HTML, XML, EML, or NWS files.

File Property Extraction File Types

File properties can be extracted from files that are structured COM storages, such as:

  • Microsoft Word documents (DOC)
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (XLS)
  • Microsoft Power Point presentations (PPT)
  • Microsoft Projects (MPP)
  • Microsoft Visio drawings (VSD)
  • Microsoft Outlook messages (MSG)
  • MicroStation V8 DGN files

Though these were the file types tested with file properties extractions, it should be possible to extract file properties from other file types that are structured COM storages. There are no limitations for what the extensions can be for files that are structured COM storages. For example, a Microsoft Word document having the extension ABC instead of DOC will still be extracted successfully.

Note: ProjectWise does not currently support the extraction of file properties from Autodesk Revit documents.
Note: Due to an AutoCAD limitation, you cannot extract file properties from AutoCAD DWG documents.
Tip: Properties that gets extracted from MSG files:
document summary information
mail message information
  • FROM
  • TO
  • CC
  • BCC
  • SENT