ProjectWise Administrator Help

Setting Up When Attributes Are Updated in Excel and Word Documents

You can set up Attribute Exchange Rules for Microsoft Office so that whenever users open, check out, copy out, or export a Word or Excel document containing custom properties that are linked to ProjectWise properties, those custom properties will be automatically updated to display the current property values in the ProjectWise database.

  1. Right-click Microsoft Office Attribute Support and select Properties.

    The Microsoft Office Attribute Support Properties dialog opens.

  2. Turn on one or more of the following conditions, to update the attributes when:
    • Document is Opened
    • Document is Checked Out
    • Document is Copied Out
    • Document is Exported
  3. Click OK.

If none of the update conditions are enabled for Microsoft Office in ProjectWise Administrator, then when the user opens a Word or Excel document, they will notice that none of the linked custom properties have been updated. However as long as they are working in an integrated session of Word or Excel (this would exclude working with exported documents), they can manually update their attributes from inside the application.

Note: If you plan to use the Attribute Bulk Update tool to update your attributes, then only turn on the option, Document is Opened.
Note: If you do not turn on any of the update file conditions, then when users open Word and Excel documents, they will need to click the Update Document button inside their documents to manually update their custom properties.