ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Manually Start an Extraction

  1. Open the Properties for a document processor and enable that processor to perform extractions.
  2. Also in the Properties dialog, configure extension mapping rules if necessary.
    Note: To be able to extract text from DWG documents, you must create an extension mapping rule that maps the DWG extension to DGN. You may also want to use the File Type Associations tab to prevent documents having certain file types from being processed.
  3. Right-click your document processor (Full Text Indexing, Thumbnail Extraction, or File Property Extraction) and select Start Processing Now.
    Tip: The amount of documents processed when you manually start an extraction is determined by the number you set in the Max documents processed in a single pass field on the General tab of the properties dialog for the selected document processor. Once that number of documents has been processed, the extraction is over.