ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Add a Variable in a Rendition Profile Component

  1. Expand Renditions > Rendition Profile Components.
  2. Either select to modify or begin creating a rendition profile component of one of the following types:
    • Source File Presentation Settings
    • Output File Naming Conventions
    • Output Destination Folders

    The selected rendition profile component dialog opens.

  3. Wherever there is a text field and an accompanying Add Symbol button, place your cursor in the field and click Add Symbol.

    The Add Symbol dialog opens.

  4. Under Categories, select one of the categories:
    • Document
    • Folder
    • Project
    • Environment
    • Print Definition
    • General

    The variables for the selected category display in the list.

  5. Select a variable from the list and click OK.

    The variable is inserted into the text field.

  6. (Optional) Manually fill out the rest of the text field as needed.
  7. Click OK.