ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Remap the Path to a Design Script or Pen Table in a Settings File After Importing It into a New Datasource

  1. Open ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer (Start > All Programs > Bentley > ProjectWise InterPlot Utilities > ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer).
  2. If the Welcome to ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer dialog opens, click Cancel.
  3. Select File > ProjectWise Login.

    The ProjectWise Log in dialog opens.

  4. Select a datasource, enter the user name and password of an account in the datasource, then click Log in.
  5. Select Edit > Settings File > Edit.

    The Select a Settings File dialog opens.

  6. Select the settings file and click Open.

    The Edit Settings File dialog opens.

  7. Select the section in the Sections present in file list, then click Edit Section.

    The Modify Settings dialog opens.

  8. Select the General tab.
  9. To remap the path to a design script, select Design script, then click Browse. In the Select an IPLOT Design Script dialog, select the design script and click Open.
  10. To remap the path to a pen table, click Browse next to the MicroStation pen table field. In the Select a MicroStation Pen Table dialog, select the pen table and click Open.
  11. On the Modify Settings dialog, click OK.
  12. On the Edit Settings File dialog, click Save, then Close.