ProjectWise Administrator Help

Network Load Balancing and Cluster Server Support

ProjectWise supports the use of network load balancing and cluster servers.

Network load balancing is a clustering technology that allows multiple computers (nodes) on the network to act as a single server. Each node in the cluster is fully self-contained, which means it should be able to function without any other in the cluster. If a node in the cluster fails, network load balancing automatically redirects incoming requests to the remaining nodes. If you take a node in the cluster offline for maintenance, you can use network load balancing to allow existing client sessions to be completed before taking the node offline. Network load balancing is also capable of weighting requests, which allows you to mix high-powered servers with legacy servers and ensure all hardware is efficiently utilized.

Network load balancing is used to provide high availability for applications that scale out horizontally, such as Web servers, proxy servers, and other services that need client requests distributed across nodes in a cluster.

Note: If any of the ProjectWise Integration Servers you want to use in the cluster has its own storage area, you will have to move the storage area to a separate ProjectWise Caching Server that is not a member of the cluster.