ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Configure the [Cache] Section to Enable Caching on This Computer

  1. Copy the entire [Cache] section and paste it below the original.
  2. In the new section, uncomment the line [Cache].
  3. Uncomment the line Enabled=false and change it to Enabled=true.
  4. Do one of the following:

    If you want to allow caching from all file servers, leave the line ;Servers= commented out. By default, all servers are allowed.


    If you want to allow caching from only specific file servers, uncomment the line ;Servers= and for each server you want to allow, add the server's the computer name or IP address, and port number. Each server must be separated by a comma. An example would look like this Servers=IP1:5800,IP2:5800,IP3:5800

  5. Uncomment the line StoragePath=d:\cacheroot and if necessary change the directory specified on this line.
  6. On this computer you must also create a directory that matches the name specified on the StoragePath= line.
  7. Uncomment the line Limit=200 and if necessary increase or decrease the value.

    Limit= is in megabytes. If the cache reaches the limit set here, the cache will automatically be reduced in size to 80 percent of the limit specified. To reduce the cache, oldest files will be purged.