ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Import Workflow Rules

Importing workflow rules overwrites any existing workflow rules.
  1. Right-click the Rules Engine node and select Import Rules.
  2. Navigate to and select the Excel workbook file containing the workflow rules you want to import (for example, example_rules.xlsx) and select Open.

    The rules are imported to the database. Note that nothing displays under the Rules Engine node after import - this is expected.

The Rules Engine node also contains an option, Export Rules. As long as you always have a copy of the original rules file you imported, you never need to export rules. You can simply continue to edit the original rules file and reimport as often as required. However you can export the rules if you have lost the original rules file, or just to keep a copy as a backup. The exported rules can be edited and reimported just like the original file, just note that the exported rules file does not contain the shading and formatting of the original rules file.