ProStructures Help

StruMIS (Export IFC)

The properties necessary for StruMIS can be exported in an IFC file exported from ProStructures to manage fabrication using StruMIS effectively.

The exported ProStructures properties are;

  • Section Size
  • Bar Length
  • Assembly Mark
  • Mark
  • Mark Item
  • Mark GUID
  • Mark Item GUID
  • Weight
  • Area
  • Phase
  • Lot
  • Paint Finish

Exporting to IFC

To export select File > Export > ProStructures File Types > IFC from the backstage.

You are prompted to "Identify parts whose static data will be exported" and accept (with data point) if you have not yet made a selection set of ProStructures Structural elements. Otherwise a save as dialog opens to create the IFC file.

Clicking Save creates the IFC file and opens the IFC Data Export dialog.

Model View Definition Sets the model view definition schema used to export the IFC file. A single option IFC2x3 CV2 - Coordination View 2.0 is available developed by buildingSMART, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) to share information between project team members and across the software applications that they commonly use for design, construction, procurement, maintenance and operations.

A common data schema (IFC) that makes the data interoperability possible to hold and exchange relevant data between different software applications.

  • Cross-discipline coordination of building information models for architecture, structural and building services.
  • Data sharing and exchange across IFC compliant applications.
  • Hand-over and reuse of data for analysis and other downstream tasks.

Additional information is available at buildingSMART, Industry Foundation Classes, the buildingSMART Standards Library

Mapping Options Displays the location of the IFC mapping files.
Note: Defined by configuration variable PS_IFC_EXPORTMAP.
Messages Displays messages about the export.
OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving changes.
Help Opens online help.