ProStructures Help

Dispatch Cells

Used to distribute multiple cells evenly across a shape length. For example, this can be used to evenly distribute bolts along the length of a steel shape.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Steel > Utilities > Utilities > Dispatch Cells

This feature will also add insertion points as markings to the shape (e.g., for NC-output). You can also add only markings without inserting a cell.

In addition, the function allows for the parametric generation of thread bolts or similar solids of revolution at simultaneous distribution analogously to the distribution of cells described above.

Dialog Controls

OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving changes.
Help Opens online help.
Template Saves and retrieve (Using Templates) settings to be used on other projects.
Distribute Cells at calculated points Distributes the bolts on the selected shapes according to the preset rules.
Distribute Cells at given points Permits individual placing of bolts on the selected shapes. Here, each insertion point is indicated individually.
  • Current Settings - Select when you haven't created any template and you want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
  • Bentley/Default - Select when you want to use the application default settings template and you don't want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
Show /Hide Preview Opens or closes, respectively, a flyout panel to display an illustration based on the tool.