ProStructures Help

Convert to Solid (Create Native Solid Drawing)

Used to create native solid (.dgn) file. Converts selected ProStructures objects to plain solids.

Accessed from:
  • Backstage: File > Export > ProStructures File Types > Create Native Solid Drawing

The Convert to Solid dialog opens.

One Body per Group Generates one body per group.
Keep Resolution Retains the resolution of the component parts (without radii etc.) individually, per part. When unchecked, creates the body with the maximum possible resolution.
Delete Converted Deletes the original component parts completely after the conversion, rather than setting them to hidden.
Keep Level Keeps the solid kernel parts on the same level of the original component part. When unchecked, all bodies are created on the current level.
Support Rebar Objects Processes rebar objects available in the model.
Write Additional Text File Creates additional text file in the export folder. Uses the header and part templates format definition files.
Add Tags Creates tags to any elements, using the tag definition (.ini) file.
Enable for AutoCAD conversion Enabled when the Add Tags is set. Allows whether to convert to smart solid or to shared cell for DWG conversion. When checked, creates solid with shared cells with tags. These tags will be shown in AutoCAD as block attributes.
Procedure for non-convertible parts: Sets one of the suitable options to proceed non-convertible parts:
  • Leave non-convertible unchanged – this is the default option, when set, the Parts from the selection set, that can't be converted to solids during conversion process, won't be changed in any way, they will stay in the drawing.
  • Remove non-convertible – when set, the Parts from the selection set, that can't be converted to solids during conversion process, will be removed from the drawing.
  • Move non-convertible to level – when set, all non-convertible parts from the selection set will be moved to the chosen level during the conversion procedure. The Level setting appear next.
    • Level – Allows selecting a desired level the non-convertible parts are moved to.
    • (Level Manager) – use if you want to choose a new level (without leaving the dialog). Click to open the level manager, where you can add the new level. If you close the level manager, then the list of levels will be updated automatically, and it will contain the new level.
  • Add prefix to levels of non-convertible – when set, adds a level prefix in front to all levels of all non-convertible parts. The Prefix setting appear next.
    • Prefix – Displays the default: "Non-convertible-" prefix string.
    For example, if a non-convertible part that lies before conversion on level "PC_WALL", it will be moved to level "Non-convertible-PC_WALL".
Convert.. Process part conversion to solid.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving changes.
Help Opens online help.
Template Saves and retrieve (Using Templates) settings to be used on other projects.
Key-in: ProStructure Create Solid