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Collision Check

Used to serve for the detection and display of collisions within any kind of component parts.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Steel > Utilities > Utilities > Collision Detection

An important task of modern CAD systems is to avoid errors during construction. First and foremost this is to avoid collisions. There are various reasons for collisions to occur. In addition this function helps you to check whether bolts can be mounted or not.

The check is made on the base of the parts volume.

If a collision is detected, the collision volume is displayed on screen and the component parts in question are highlighted. Then, you can zoom on all collisions one after the other and check the positions concerned.

At collision check, xref-drawings are evaluated as well.

Dialog Controls

OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Help Opens online help.
Template Saves and retrieve (Using Templates) settings to be used on other projects.

Use this button to start collision check. You are prompted to select all parts to be checked. All colliding components now are highlighted with a color defined in the settings, and the collision solids are displayed.

You can of course select a complete model. Please noteĀ  that the required time increases with the square of the number of selected component parts. The reason is that each part has to be checked with each other part. Therefore, it is often more reasonable to check only a certain junction point at a time.

All selected bolts are checked with regard to any possible collisions.
Use this button to remove the highlighting of the parts and to delete all found collision solids as long as they are situated on the collision layer.

Use this button to select the next found collision solid for examination.

Use this button to select the previous found collision solid for examination.
Show /Hide Preview Opens or closes, respectively, a flyout panel to display an illustration based on the tool.
  • Current Settings - Select when you haven't created any template and you want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
  • Bentley/Default - Select when you want to use the application default settings template and you don't want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.