ProStructures Help

General Baseplate - Standard tab

Used to displays a list of the available standard values which have been entered into the database.

Select the required standard by clicking on the entry in the list.

To predefine suitable standard data for the different shape sizes (e.g. the correct plate size) connection parameters can be managed in a database. When the command is loaded, the database is checked and standards meeting preset conditions will be displayed in the list from which they can be selected.

The following fields can be specified and the list is filtered by the column shape name. Only database entries which match the column selected are displayed.

Field Description Format
SHAPE Shape key for list filtering. Matches purlin shape description. Text
CODE Display name in the dialog list. Text
LENGTH Base plate length. Numeric
WIDTH Base plate width. Numeric
THICKNESS Base plate thickness. Numeric
DIAMETER Base plate hole diameter. Numeric
WORKLOOSE Base plate hole diameter. Numeric
HOLEX Base plate hole pattern hole field description. Text
HOLEY Base plate hole pattern hole field description. Text
SHAPESIZE Brace shape size Text
AF Not used. Numeric
AS Not used. Numeric
Tip: For Logical fields, 0 = No, any other number = Yes.
Note: The database is KsxBasePlate and is located in a subfolder called \Prg\Plugins\KsxBasePlate.