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Positionflags and Positioning - Concrete Positioning tab

Type Here, you enter the type of the position number.
  • Numerical – The position numbers are composed of numbers only.
  • Alphabetical – The position numbers are composed of letters only. The order then is A, B, ..., Z, AA, AB, ... etc.
  • Alphanumerical (Mixed) – The position numbers are composed of a numerical and an alphanumerical part. The numerical part is following the alphanumerical part, the order is A1, A2, ..., A9, B1, B2 etc. The number of numerical positions can be preset under ‘Limits‘.
  • Macro – The position numbers are composed of numbers, characters, or both.
Filter If you want to position only certain component parts, you can apply a filter defining which elements of your construction have to be equipped with a position number or with a shipping number. Select the parts to apply positioning to:
  • All Parts
  • Only Empty
  • Only Changed
Last Concrete The last number assigned to a concrete element.
Last Cages The last number assigned to a rebar cage.
Last Rebars The last number assigned to an individual rebar.
Increment Enter the automatic increase in numbers (normally the increment is 1).

For example, type 1 to assign the next integer. Type 10 to increment numbers by 10.

Next Displays the next position number to be assigned. Enter the single part position number that has to be added to the first part to be positioned a new. The next positioning number assigned is the "Last" (part or concrete, cages, rebar) number plus the specified Increment.
Position Number Options Opens the Automatic Position Settings dialog, used to filter and sort groups and parts.
Position Flag Styles For Alphabetical and Alphanumerical types, opens the Position Number Line dialog where when Without I,O is checked, the 0 and 1 shall be used with alphanumeric / mixed numeric position number. (For Macro type, opens the Positioning Macros dialog, which is used to build macro for concrete, cage, and rebar.
Reset Position Numbers Resets the manual positioning to standard values, by setting the position number to standard values —Numerical: 0, Alphabetical: A, Alphanumerical: A0. All these reset "last numbers" to 0, A, or A0 serve as the "starting points" for assigning new position numbers.
Assign Bar Marks When checked, assigns currently set bar marks to rebar.
Open Bar Factory Setting dialog Opens the Bar Factory Settings dialog, which is used to set bar markings to a given shape.
  Automatic Position Buttons Assign position numbers to all parts with the given settings.