ProStructures Help

Positionflags and Positioning - Others tab

Here, you will find different commands for processing the position flags and for checking or searching for the position numbers.

Search last number Use this button to search for the highest group or part number in the selected component parts.

The result is displayed in the neighboring input fields, Last single part and Last group.

Search number Click this button to search for component parts in the model. Enter the position you are looking for in the field Search Number.

Use the options Hide, Mark, Zoom Extents to select how the found result has to be depicted in the model.


Use this command to delete position numbers in component parts and groups. For this purpose, select the parts the position numbers of which have to be deleted.

You can specify in which part the number is deleted using the filters Single parts and Groups.

Count This command enters the current position number of the part as original position number. The original number can only be modified using this command.
Add reference arrow Use this command to add a second part to a common position flag.
Remove reference arrow Use this command to remove the arrow to a component part from a position flag.
Add gap

Use this command to interrupt the guideline of a position flag by specifying two points e.g. to not overwrite a text.

Only one interruption per guideline is permitted.

Remove gap Use this command to remove the interruption from the position flag’s guideline.
Use this command to take over the current part properties into the position flag.
Edit position number Use this command to look at the position numbers of the selected parts and to modify them. Press the <ALT> key when loading the command to call the function for editing the position numbers of the group. When you press the <Ctrl> key at component part selection, component parts without position number will be displayed in the dialog for processing as well.
Compare two elements Use this command to compare two parts with each other. Select the two parts and the Element Comparison dialog opens to display which element properties are identical (identified by a green check) and which are not (identified by a red X).