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Positionflags and Positioning - Distribute tab

Used automatic distribution (insertion) of position flags in views or in detail drawings. The properties stored in the component parts are displayed in a position flag according to the set style.

Style Sets the position flag style, one selected from the list of list of loaded styles.
Use Shipping Number When checked, the shipping number is selected instead of the position number of the part and entered into the position number.
Scale The scale specifies the size of the position flags to be entered. If, for example, the text height in a position flag style is indicated with 3,5, the position flag will be created with a text height of 3,5 * scale.
Distribute position flag for parts Click this button to start the automatic distribution of position flags. Select the parts to which position flags have to be attached. Then, the program starts distribution.
Exchange position of two position flags Click this button to exchange the position of two flags.
Distribution Settings Opens the Distribution Settings dialog, which is used to make further specifications for automatic distribution.