ProStructures Help


Positioning is the process of assigning identifying numbers to each object on a ProStructures model. Assigning position numbers allows you to:

  • create a parts list from which your material list reports are generated.
  • search your model for specific part numbers.
  • create and customize 2D drawing details.

Positioning of the existing parts is one of the last steps before final detailing of the 3D model for workshop drawings. ProStructures can do this automatically for you. It searches parts of the same type and defines their number in the model. Of course, you can also assign position numbers manually.

In the first step before detailing, only the number of pieces (quantity) and their position numbers must be defined. This data record is the basis for the parts lists, which can then be generated and printed at once. Later, when preparing the 2D parts, the position flags with the user-defined layout are attached to single parts and groups.

In this version, the start numbers for Positioning of ProStructure elements can be defined through Part Family start number. Along with Part Family prefixes the start numbers can also be defined from Part Family dialog.

Refer the following Part Family Dialog