ProStructures Help

Positionflags and Positioning - Layout tab

Used to determine the depiction of a position flag by specifying a position flag style which defines the geometry, the content, and the colors of the position flag.

Style Sets the style you want to use for the depiction.
Create Geometry The depiction of position flags is specified in this dialog by preset parameters.
Edit Position flag definitions Opens the Position Flag Definition dialog, which is used to set the defaults of the depiction.
Cell Geometry The depiction of position flags is specified by a cell. You can select any cell you want.
Cell Path In this field, you define from which path the blocks for selection of position flag geometry have to be read.
Bitmap You can set a separate bitmap for a style to facilitate the recognition. This bitmap then is displayed in the selection box as well.
Store the settings Saves the current settings os position flag styles in a file (.PSY).
Load the settings Loads the settings for position flag styles from a file via the templates management and to use them again.