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Positionflags and Positioning - Drawing Number tab

The drawing number of the workshop drawing can additionally be integrated as prefix or postfix into the position number (e.g., Pos 1234 – 100). In case of big projects, this permits a better identification of the component parts.

The drawing number is added in a separate step after detailing, when the drawing numbers of workshop plans are knows and primarily serves for the depiction in overviews.

Default Format Sets the default format with variables so that you can add additional text.
  • $(DWGNUM) for the drawing number
  • $(DWGIDX) for the drawing index
The template decides how the detail drawing number $(DWGNUM) or detail drawing index $(DWGIDX) should be inserted into the position number.
Position Here, you specify whether the drawing number has to be entered as prefix or as postfix of the position number.
Single Parts When checked, the drawing number of single parts is taken over into their position number.
Groups When checked, the drawing number of groups is taken over into their position number.
Use Shipping No When checked, the drawing number is taken over into the shipping number instead of into the position number.
Select part to rewrite drawing number Used to modify the position numbers. In order to do so, you have to select the component parts.