ProStructures Help

Positionflags and Positioning - Sort tab

Used to manage your position flag styles. You can create new styles, load , update or delete styles.

Create position flag style Use the displayed button to create a new position flag style.

The style will be stored as *.sty-file together with the pre-settings in the directory for position flag styles. Now you can work with this style on all other pages of this dialog.

Append position flag style If you want to work with a special style which is not stored in the drawing but on the hard drive, you can load this style using this button.

Select the corresponding *.sty file in the directory of position flag styles and load the file. The style will be available at once.

Remove position flag style Use this command to remove a style that you don’t need any more in the drawing.
Move position flag style Click this button to change the display order.

The display order of the style list is not sorted. You can specify the order yourself. For this purpose, use the two arrow keys to move the checked style up or down in the order.

Rebuild flag style If you want to update the styles loaded in your drawing, use this function. Now, all styles in the drawing are replaced by the styles stored on the hard drive.