ProStructures Help

Using the Drag-and-Drop Feature

The drag-and-drop feature provides an easy method to construct a design composition for references or a sheet composition of drawings. It can be used for different items such as models, links, saved views, and references. The Models and Saved Views dialogs have visibility outside the active model, allowing you to organize sets of models or saved views and access them for design and/or sheet composition.

When you drag a model, saved view, model link, or saved view link from the Models, Saved Views, or the Explorer dialogs, the corresponding model or saved view is attached to the active file, the Reference Attachment Properties dialog opens so that you can make the required reference settings.

You can drag a model into a view window to attach it is as a reference in the active model. Similarly, you can press <Ctrl> and drag a model into a view window to place it as a cell or press <Alt> and drag a model or saved view into a view window to place it as a link on an element.