ProStructures Help

Managing Link Sets in Explorer

A link set is a group of links to files, models, references, saved views, and supporting documentation. Each link set is an independent object stored as non-graphical data in a DGN file or in a DGN library. You can add, copy, rename, delete, and import link sets from the Explorer dialog Links tab.

Note: You cannot store link sets in DWG files.

All the link sets in your DGN file are displayed in Explorer dialog's Links tab. You can select a link set from one of four sources: the active directory, the configured libraries, the WorkSet, or the active file. When your link set source is Active File, you can add, copy, rename, delete, and import link sets in that source.

If your link set source is Configured Libraries or Active Directory, you will be unable to add, copy, rename, delete, or import link sets at this point. To modify a link set any of these sources, you must open the file containing the link set.

To make changes to the WorkSet link set, you will have to open the WorkSet link set in editing mode.