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DGN Indexer

The DGN Indexer is a shared indexing service that is used by the Explorer dialog to retrieve data from DGN files. If enabled, it replaces the harvesting technique in the Explorer dialog. The performance of the indexing service is much better than the conventional harvesting technique.

Note: By default, the DGN indexer is off and needs to be started from the DGN Indexing Options dialog.

If you want to index files on a remote server, you need to install the DGN Indexer on that server. The DGN Indexer on the remote server indexes data on the server, which can be used by ProStructures’s Explorer dialog on your local computer.

The DGN Indexer supports retrieving data from network shares that are mounted as network drives.

Note: If you install ProStructures CONNECT Edition on a computer that has a previous version of ProStructures and in turn the DGN Indexer installed, you will have to redo the indexing.

Using the DGN Indexer in a Network

The DGN indexer can also be used when the data is on a network (LAN or WAN). Following scenarios explain how to use DGN indexer in a network.
  1. Retrieving Indexed Data from the Remote Machine - In a network, you have DGN indexing service available on one or more remote machines. You want to link the data on remote machines to the local machine. However, the indexing service is not available on the local machine. The following procedures explain how to achieve this.
  2. Retrieving Indexed and Non-Indexed Data on a Network - In a network, the indexing service running on one network drive and is not running on another network drive, on same or different remote machines. Now, in the Explorer on your local machine, you want to view all the sheet models in the following drives:
    • Local drive — C:\Projectdata
    • Network drive with indexing service running — N:\Projectdata123
    • Network drive without indexing service running — Z:\Projectdata456

The data on the drives on which the indexing service is running will be retrieved using the indexing service and data on the drives on which indexing service is not running, Explorer will use the harvesting technique. Following procedure explains how to achieve this.