ProStructures Help


Used to place straight, bent, or spiral shapes from catalog sections into your ProStructures model.

Accessed from:
  • Ribbon: Steel > Home > Steel Placement > Shapes
Tip: Prior to placing a shape, make sure that it is correctly positioned. Since the shop drawings are based on this position, proceed with care.

Dialog Controls

OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Cancel Closes the dialog without saving changes.
Help Opens online help.
Template Saves and retrieve (Using Templates) settings to be used on other projects.
Shape Catalog Opens the Shape Catalog where you can select country specific shapes catalogs to use in creating your models.
Shape Sections Opens the Shape Sections dialog which is used to add curved or straight segments to shapes.
Insert beam between 2 main beams Used to place a beam between two main beams. Use <Alt> to place between two beams that you select. The Edit Line dialog opens allowing you to set the offsets to each beam.
Insert multiple beams between 2 beams Used to place multiple beams between main beams that you select. The Enter Line dialog opens allowing you to set the distribution.
Insert columns at selected points Used to insert a column at the position you select.
Insert beam at workframe axes Used to place a rectangular selection along the current XY axis at the current ACS plane inside a rectangular shape, any workframe axes inside of the area selected get a beam from grid line to grid line. Use <Alt> to place via the polygon, and use <Ctrl> to place at workframe axes in all levels inside a rectangular shape.
Match properties Used to select an existing column and update the dialog settings with that column's properties.
  • Current Settings - Select when you haven't created any template and you want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
  • Bentley/Default - Select when you want to use the application default settings template and you don't want to use the current settings of the dialog instead.
Key-in: ProSteel Place Shape