ProStructures Help

Detail Style Wizard

Use the Detail Style screen to save and organize specific settings that control the appearance of your detail drawings.

Accessed from:
  • Dialog: DetailCenter > Parts tab > Detail Styles area [Right-Click > Edit Sytle]
  • Set up new style using the Detail Style Wizard. The Detail Style screen automatically displays when the wizard is complete.
Default Settings Define settings for scale and displaying views.
2D Display Control the display of objects when the work frame is converted to a 2D drawing.
Dimensioning Select a dimension style for single parts, groups, and assemblies.
Descriptions Define position and weld flags; specify how to display different language text on your drawing.
OK Closes the dialog and save your changes.
Help Opens online help.
Save Style Save any changes that you made to the style.
Save Style As Save the style and assign a new name.
Update Preview Update the view to reflect the modifications that you are editing.
Restrict Detail Style Limit the detail style so that it can only be assigned to specific parts.